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Jennifer Lawrence - Profile Biography - Hot Photos

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Jennifer Lawrence Profile / Biography
Jennifer Lawrence Hot
Jennifer Lawrence Weight : 125lbs or 56.5kg
Jennifer Lawrence Height : 5’7″ and a half which is 171.5cm
Jennifer Lawrence’s Measurements : 34-24-30 (75-60-65)
Jennifer Lawrence’s Bra Size : 34C

Jennifer Shrader Lawrence (born August 15, 1990) is an American film and television actress. She has had lead roles in TBS’s The Bill Engvall Show and in the independent films The Burning Plain and Winter’s Bone, for which she received critical acclaim and an Academy Award nomination for Best Actress.

Born on August 15, 1990, in Louisville, Kentucky Jennifer Lawrence’s happy family background is a far cry from the abused characters she's played in films. Her father Gary owns a construction firm and her mother Karen runs a day camp. The star has two older brothers, Ben and Blaine.

Known as plain old Jen in her family, the actress displayed her strong motivation for the performing arts from a young age. At 14 she convinced her parents to take her to New York to audition for talent agencies.
Jennifer Lawrence Hot
Keen for their daughter to have an education, Jennifer’s parents wouldn't let her act until she had graduated from high school. However the teenager’s determination and intelligence meant she completed high school two years early.

"I never considered that I wouldn’t be successful. I never thought, ‘If acting doesn’t work out I can be a doctor.’ The phrase ‘If it doesn’t work out’ never popped into my mind. And that dumb determination of being a naive 14-year-old has never left me,” she says.

It was in the Big Apple that Jennifer was discovered by a photographer. Her photo was taken on the street and she was subsequently called in for an audition for an advert.

“This guy was watching me, and he asked if he could take my picture,” she says. ‘‘We didn’t know that that was creepy, at the time. So we’re like, ‘Sure.’ So he took my mom’s phone number, and all of a sudden all these (modelling) agencies are calling. And that’s when it all started.”
Jennifer Lawrence Hot
Despite not winning the part, the agents still signed up the 14-year-old.

She ended up spending that whole summer in New York and her first job came in the form of a commercial for MTV's My Super Sweet 16, which led to other ads for big names such as Burger King.

Her acting career commenced in 2006 with the movie Company Town. She made several small appearances on TV and film before landing her big break with the series The Bill Engvall Show. Her role as Lauren Pearson garnered her a Young Artist Award.

However it seems television was not enough for the teenage star, and she rapidly set her sights on the big screen. In 2008 Jennifer starred in Garden Party, The Burning Plain and Poker House. Her performance in the latter earned her the Outstanding Performance Award from the Los Angeles Film Festival.
Jennifer Lawrence Hot
Her part in The Burning Plain opposite Charlize Theron and Kim Basinger also earned her an award for Best Young Emerging Actress at the Venice Film Festival.

Nevertheless her portrayal of a unflinching 17-year-old struggling to keep her family together in a poor rural area as she hunts down her drug-dealing father in Winter's Bone is the role that has been cited as her ‘breakout performance’.

Jennifer was delighted when she received news on winning the part, saying "I´d have walked on hot coals to get it. I thought it was the best female role I'd read – ever."

The film gained international success and has provided Jennifer several awards. It also earned her a Golden Globe and Oscar nomination.

Surprisingly, the 19-year-old has never had any formal acting training. She relies instead on her ‘imagination’, something that must be quite extensive considering most of her roles have been very far removed from 'normal' life.

Speaking of her career choices to date, Jennifer says: “When you first starting acting, you can’t pick and choose. Those were the roles I was booking. It was me, the girl from Kentucky with the wonderful family. Everyone was seeing this ability to go to this dark place that I didn’t know that I had.”
Jennifer Lawrence Hot
“I auditioned for every comedy, everything under the sun. I’m not going to pretend that I’ve been so smart to pick these things. I’ve auditioned for all of those, but the comedies and the lovey-dovey movies didn’t pick me. The dark, dark dramas, the dirty indies picked me, and I couldn’t be happier.”

She added: “I’ve never been through anything that my characters have been through. And I can’t go around looking for roles that are exactly like my life. So I just use my imagination. If it ever came down to the point where, to make a part better, I had to lose a little bit of my sanity, I wouldn’t do it. I would just do comedies.”

And it seems the star is finding success in her love life as well as her acting career. She is dating X-Men: First Class co-star Nicholas Hoult.
Early life
Jennifer Lawrence Hot
Lawrence was born and raised in Louisville, Kentucky, the daughter of Karen, who runs a children’s camp, and Gary Lawrence, who once owned a construction firm. She acted in church plays and, by the age of 14, had decided to pursue an acting career, persuading her parents to take her to New York City to find a talent agent. Although she had no training or experience, she received high praise from the agency for which she auditioned. She graduated from high school two years early in order to begin acting.
Jennifer Lawrence Hot
Lawrence starred in Guillermo Arriaga’s directorial debut The Burning Plain, opposite Charlize Theron and Kim Basinger. Her performance in the film earned her the Marcello Mastroianni Award for best young emerging actor/actress during the Venice Film Festival in 2008.

She was part of the main cast of the TBS comedy The Bill Engvall Show as Lauren Pearson. Written and created by Bill Engvall and Michael Leeson, the show is set in a Denver suburb and follows the life of ‘Bill Pearson’ (played by Engvall), a family counselor whose own family could use a little dose of counseling. The series was canceled in 2009 after having aired three seasons.
Lawrence’s other film credits include a lead role in Lori Petty’s The Poker House opposite Selma Blair and Bokeem Woodbine as well as roles in Devil You Know and Garden Party. Her television credits include roles on Cold Case, Medium, and Monk. She is also featured in the music video for the song “The Mess I Made”, from the album Losing Sleep by Parachute.

Lawrence had the lead role, frequently cited as a “breakout performance” for her, in Debra Granik’s Winter’s Bone (which won best picture at the Sundance Film Festival in 2010). She portrays a seventeen-year-old girl in the rural Ozarks, caring for her mentally-ill mother and her younger brother and sister, when she discovers that her father has put their house and land up as a bond for a court appearance. Lawrence received an Oscar nomination for Best Actress from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, for the role, on January 25, 2011.
Jennifer Lawrence Hot
Lawrence’s upcoming work includes a role in The Beaver, a dark comedy starring Jodie Foster and Mel Gibson. The Beaver was filmed in 2009, but after spending an extended period of time stalled due to controversy surrounding Gibson, it received a release date of March 23, 2011. Lawrence also has a starring role in the independent film Like Crazy, which premiered at the 2011 Sundance Film Festival and has reportedly been picked up by Paramount Pictures for a wider release. In the summer of 2011, Lawrence will appear as shape-shifting villain Mystique in X-Men: First Class, a prequel to the rest of the X-Men film series. Lawrence’s Mystique is a younger version of the character played by Rebecca Romijn in earlier X-Men films. Lawrence is also set to star alongside Elisabeth Shue in Mark Tonderai’s thriller House at the End of the Street, which completed filming in 2010 and is in post-production.

Lawrence has stated that she has never taken drama classes or acting lessons, simply relying on her instincts when playing a role. She lived in New York City for the first few years of her career, but resides in Santa Monica, California.

Lawrence has been cast as Katniss Everdeen in the movie Hunger Games, set to be released in March 2012.

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